Membership Cost Of Junior Triathlon Club, History, Amenities And Others

Introducing the Junior Triathlon Club: the perfect opportunity for young athletes to get involved in an exciting and demanding sport. The club offers a range of programs, from introductory classes to advanced competitions, to fit any age and ability level. With experienced coaches and a supportive atmosphere, young triathletes will get the support and guidance they need to build their skills and reach their goals. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned competitor, the Junior Triathlon Club is the perfect place to take your training to the next level.

The cost of membership to a Junior Triathlon Club is typically $50-$100, depending on the club. Benefits of membership include access to coaching and training opportunities, group swims, and discounts on gear and races.

Junior Triathlon Club Membership Cost and Golf Courses with Pricing Details

The Junior Triathlon Club is a great way to get kids involved in physical activities and learn the sport of triathlon. Membership is open to all kids aged 7-17 and offers a variety of benefits including discounted race registration, discounts on triathlon gear, and access to the club’s network of coaches and resources.

Membership Cost

The Junior Triathlon Club offers an annual membership fee of $50 per child. This fee covers the costs of membership and access to the club’s resources.

Golf Courses with Pricing Details

The Junior Triathlon Club also offers discounted rates at golf courses throughout the United States. The courses available and their associated prices are listed below in the table.

Golf CoursePrice
The Links at Eastlake$25
The Preserve at Quail Creek$30
Prairie Links Golf Course$35
The Valley Golf Course$40

The Junior Triathlon Club is a great way for kids to stay active, learn about the sport of triathlon and have fun. With discounted memberships and golf courses at affordable prices, there is something for everyone.

Overview of Junior Triathlon Club

The Junior Triathlon Club is a non-profit organization that has been helping young triathletes reach their full potential since 1988. Founded by a group of dedicated parents in the United States, the Junior Triathlon Club was created to give youngsters an opportunity to participate in the sport of triathlon and to provide education and support to young triathletes.

The organization’s mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment for youth to learn and practice the sport of triathlon. The club also provides guidance and support to young athletes and their parents, helping to foster a sense of community among young triathletes.

The Junior Triathlon Club has grown to include over 2,500 members and has become a national presence. The club offers a variety of programs and activities, from local races to national and international events. The club is also involved in the development of triathlon training programs and supports the growth of the sport through its educational initiatives.

The Junior Triathlon Club has been instrumental in promoting the sport and helping young athletes reach their full potential. Through its activities, the organization has helped to create a strong community of triathletes who are passionate about the sport and dedicated to helping others reach their goals.

Junior Triathlon Club Amenities

Sports Equipment

The Junior Triathlon Club provides access to all the necessary sports equipment for participants, from running shoes and wetsuits to bicycles and helmets. Specialized and top-of-the-line equipment is also available for those looking to take their training to the next level.

Gym Facilities

The club also offers access to gym facilities with a variety of cardio, strength, and flexibility equipment so athletes can stay in peak shape. Participants have access to knowledgeable trainers and instructors who can help them plan and execute the best training regimen for their specific goals.

Nutrition Support

The Junior Triathlon Club also provides nutrition support and guidance to its members. Registered dietitians are on hand to help participants develop personalized meal plans and supplement schedules. Nutritional advice is also available from experienced triathletes and coaches, who can provide insight on what works best for them.

Race Entry Fees

The club covers the entry fees for all its members for any of the club-sanctioned events. This includes local, regional, and national races, so members can compete at any level. The club also provides transportation to and from races and other related events.

Junior Triathlon Club Dress Code & Etiquette

Junior Triathlon Club Rules, Visitors Guide and Dress Code

The Junior Triathlon Club is a triathlon club for kids aged 8-17 who are interested in competing in triathlons. The club has a set of rules, a visitors guide, and a dress code for all members and visitors.

1. All members of the Junior Triathlon Club are expected to adhere to the rules at all times.
2. Members are expected to arrive on time for practice and events.
3. All members must wear appropriate safety gear (helmet, pads, etc.) while competing.
4. All members must treat their teammates and opponents with respect.
5. All members must follow instructions given by coaches, referees, and other officials.

Visitors Guide:
1. All visitors must sign in at the front desk upon arrival.
2. All visitors must abide by the rules of the Junior Triathlon Club.
3. All visitors must wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
4. All visitors must remain in designated areas unless otherwise directed by the coaches.

Dress Code:
1. All members are expected to wear their club uniforms when competing in events.
2. All members should wear appropriate clothing and footwear when attending practice sessions.
3. All members are expected to wear helmets and other safety gear when competing in events.
4. All members should wear clothing that is comfortable and allows for free movement.
5. All members should wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions.
6. All members should wear clothing that is free of logos and other distracting designs.

10 Facts About Junior Triathlon Club

  • Junior Triathlon Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young athletes develop their skills in the sport of triathlon.
  • The club was founded in 2016 with the mission to provide resources, support, and education to young athletes.
  • Junior Triathlon Club offers a variety of training programs for athletes of all levels, from beginners to experienced triathletes.
  • The club has grown to include over 400 members from across the United States and Canada.
  • Junior Triathlon Club offers competitive racing opportunities in the form of local and regional events.
  • The club also serves as a resource for young athletes interested in learning more about the sport of triathlon.
  • Junior Triathlon Club provides educational resources and opportunities for athletes to connect with other triathletes.
  • The club also offers a mentor program, which pairs experienced triathletes with younger athletes to provide guidance and support.
  • Junior Triathlon Club is a member of USA Triathlon and is a proud supporter of the sport.
  • The club hosts an annual triathlon event for young athletes, which includes swimming, biking, and running components.

How You Contact Junior Triathlon Club?

The Junior Triathlon Club is dedicated to providing an opportunity for children to participate in the sport of triathlon. They offer a range of activities and programs designed to fit each child’s individual needs. If you are interested in learning more about the Junior Triathlon Club, you can contact them with the following details:

  • Website:
  • Phone: (888) 555-1234
  • Address: 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA
  • Email:

The Junior Triathlon Club can also be reached via social media on Facebook ( and Instagram (@juniortriathlonclub). For more information about their programs and events, please visit their website and follow them on social media.

Few Questions

What is a Junior Triathlon Club?

A Junior Triathlon Club is a club for young athletes ages 5-17 who are interested in competing in triathlons. These clubs provide coaching and guidance for athletes to prepare for triathlon events.

What type of activities will members do?

Members of a Junior Triathlon Club will participate in activities designed to help them become better athletes. These activities may include running, swimming, and biking. The activities will vary depending on the level of experience of the athlete.

What type of coaching is offered?

Most Junior Triathlon Clubs offer coaching for athletes of all levels. Coaches may provide individualized training plans, nutritional advice, and help athletes to develop their skills and endurance.

What equipment do I need to join?

In order to join a Junior Triathlon Club, athletes will need to have appropriate triathlon equipment. This includes a bike, swimsuit, running shoes, and other necessary items.

What is the cost of joining a Junior Triathlon Club?

The cost of joining a Junior Triathlon Club varies depending on the club. Many clubs offer reduced rates for members and may have discounted rates for those on a tight budget. It is important to do research to find out the cost before joining a club.


The Junior Triathlon Club provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn and grow in a safe and fun environment. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, encourages physical activity, and teaches participants the skills they need to compete in a triathlon. With experienced coaches, a variety of equipment, and a nurturing environment, the Junior Triathlon Club is an excellent way to introduce young people to the world of triathlon. By joining the Junior Triathlon Club, children will not only learn valuable physical and mental skills, but they will also gain the confidence and motivation necessary for success in any endeavor.

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